Antal Sunday Snooze podcast for 3voor12

The vetted selector has his say as what constitutes to a Sunday snooze. 

Antal is something of a workhorse. If he’s not on on the road or handling the demands of Rush Hour you can find him taking care of his many duties as a family man. As you can imagine, juggling these things can’t be easy and his time for Sunday snoozing comes far and few between. Highlighting these points in the featured article alongside the mix, to be found only in Dutch here, Antal states “It has become a bit of a snooze not snooze mix”. He mentions that “Sunday is also usually a travel day for me. I also often travel early on Sunday to have an afternoon and evening with my family. So that means a short sleep of a few hours before my pick-up to the airport is ready. I also sleep a bit on the plane, but my sleep is often interrupted by either the alarm clock or a landing plane. Hence snooze not snooze.”

Despite his little time for rest the mix is still harmonious and depicts downtime and relaxation. Over the course of nearly eighty minutes, Antal fuses Japanese ambience with folk like cuts before digging through a selection of promos to tie this mix together. As always, it’s refreshing to hear what wonderful and obscure sounds this digger has locked away in the vaults. Tune in below. 

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