Circle Of Live X ARTE Concert

Sebastian Mullaert, Neel & Vril unite for a special performance as Circle Of Live. 

Circle Of Live launched around this time last year as the brainchild of Sebastian Mullaert. The project calls upon a meticulously selected line up of like-minded artists, to form a live performing collective that will explore the raw beauty of boundary-less improvisation. Now into its second tour, the Circle has performed at some of the globes finest venues while extending its creative family with the addition of more compelling artists. 

The Circle’s latest performance came in collaboration with the Franco-German cultural television network ARTE. The live jam was streamed from the Parisian aircraft hanger l’Aérodrome de Melun Villaroche. Taking the reigns of the show was ring leader Sebastian Mullaert alongside two veterans of the game Neel and Vril. Tuning in below you will find the trio start things off with cinematic ideas as they slowly set a foundation for the hour-long affair. Once common ground is established melodies begin to unfold with a sense of narrative as finely crafted drum patterns support the unwinding journey. What transpires next is, unpredictable, raw and fluidly improvised; everything that is Circle Of Live. 

Lock into the full stream below and check out Circle Of Live’s next show at Nitsa, Barcelona here

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