Ron Morelli new album 'Man Walks The Earth'

The L.I.E.S. boss man presents new ideas in this ambient workout. 

One year after the DISAPPEARER album on Hospital Productions, Ron Morelli returns with another full-length outing titled ‘Man Walks The Earth’. In this endeavour, he “largely abandons the noisy techno experiments of his past records” as he pursues a more harmonious and ambient sound. Ron stated, ‘Man Walks The Earth’ is inspired by everything from early industrial music to the GRM and radiophonic artists like Delia Derbyshire.

Landing on the Parisian label Collapsing Market the 8 track LP is rich with intricate synth lines and heavy processing.  Shying away from much percussion work Ron is very meticulous in his attention to detail in this one. Expect deep textures, subtle progressions and a compelling exploration of synthesis. 


1. Fear Upon Seeing His Reflection In The Lake     
2. The Search For Others  
3. 30 Million Years To Recover   
4. Earth Rotates On Its Axis    
5. A Long Walk At Night     
6. Stone Tools    
7. Uninvited Brute   
8. The Sun Beats Stronger As Each Day Passes 

Tune in below!

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