The Hacker - Nancy EP

Nancy’ finds The Hacker at his best. 

The Hacker’s forthcoming release, ‘Nancy’, will land on the Rotterdam based imprint Electronic Emergencies. Here he oscillates wildly from electro to new wave playing true to his musical roots. 

The title track sees The Hacker once again collaborate with Michael Zodorozny, vocalist of American post-punk group Crash Course in Science. Here he works New Wave textures into his daunting synth lines laying the perfect foundation for Zodorozny’s chilling vocals. The three instrumental tracks follow suit from the title cut relying heavily on gritty distortion, “breathing over the cold wave atmosphere.” Expect moody sequences, crisp tight drum hits and that undeniable cutting edge flair you can always find on anything with The Hacker’s name on it. Check out the preview of the title track below! 


A1. Nancy (It Turns Gold) - featuring Michael Zodorozny 
A2. Brouillard 
B1. Chelsea Boots 
B2. Nancy (original)

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