Young Marco album on Island Of The Gods

East meets west in Young Marco’s album “Bahasa” - out this week!

Young Marco delivers his second album to date on the Bali based label Island Of The Gods. This experimental full length fuses contemporary western ideas with the indigenous sounds of the Indonesian archipelago including Bali. Back in 2014, Marco travelled across these islands immersing himself in the Indigenous culture and working alongside local musicians.

“For Marco it was also a look back to his Indonesian roots, with his late grandfather born and raised in Indonesia. The brief was to capture the spirit, ambience and atmosphere of the islands as part of the labels ‘Island Explorer’ album series. ”


1. Kalapa Garden
2. All These Seas Ft. Aardvarck
3. Moving Ornaments
4. Looking Back
5. Temple On A Road
6. Time Before Time
7. Sacred Space
8. The Beginning And End

Tuning into the one and only preview of “Bahasa” below, you find the last track of the album “The Beginning And End”. Chiming melodies with cinematic pads work together with subtle progressions to create an overwhelming feel of authenticity.

This whole record has been half a decade in the making, it was certainly worth the wait!

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