Interstellar Funk & Deniro Dekmantel Interview

Two of Ams­ter­dam’s most promi­nent names in recent years exchange with Dekmantel.

At this years Dek­man­tel Fes­ti­val the crew took the time to chat with two artists who have worked with the organ­i­sa­tion since its infan­cy. Fun­ni­ly enough, Inter­stel­lar Funk and Deniro met each oth­er at a Dek­man­tel par­ty in the ear­ly 10s spark­ing a rela­tion­ship that would unfold into a label and more.

It’s at one of the ear­li­er Dek­man­tel par­ties that Renier and Olf actu­al­ly met. I’d seen him play numer­ous times and Reynier had such an amaz­ing col­lec­tion of unre­leased mate­r­i­al that I approached him — I was work­ing at Rush Hour at the time — with the idea to start a label just to be able to release Reynier’s music.”

For Reynier this was exact­ly the jolt he need­ed to spur him into action and thus Tape Records was found­ed in 2012. Togeth­er with Berend Kirch en Jeroen Kok, the label focus­es on a broad spec­trum of (time­less) elec­tron­ic music, with a predilec­tion for 90s Detroit/​UK inspired deep melod­ic and lush sound­ing tech­no sounds.“

The inter­view itself touch­es on when both artists realised becom­ing a DJ was an actu­al career option, play­ing for dif­fer­ent sized crowds, sup­port from the indus­try on their come up, being a label own­er, the pres­sure of expo­sure and much more.

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