Interstellar Funk & Deniro Dekmantel Interview

Two of Amsterdam’s most prominent names in recent years exchange with Dekmantel.

At this years Dekmantel Festival the crew took the time to chat with two artists who have worked with the organisation since its infancy. Funnily enough, Interstellar Funk and Deniro met each other at a Dekmantel party in the early ’10s sparking a relationship that would unfold into a label and more.

“It’s at one of the earlier Dekmantel parties that Renier and Olf actually met. “I’d seen him play numerous times and Reynier had such an amazing collection of unreleased material that I approached him - I was working at Rush Hour at the time - with the idea to start a label just to be able to release Reynier’s music.”

For Reynier this was exactly the jolt he needed to spur him into action and thus Tape Records was founded in 2012. Together with Berend Kirch en Jeroen Kok, the label focuses on a broad spectrum of (timeless) electronic music, with a predilection for 90s Detroit/UK inspired deep melodic and lush sounding techno sounds.”

The interview itself touches on when both artists realised becoming a DJ was an actual career option, playing for different sized crowds, support from the industry on their come up, being a label owner, the pressure of exposure and much more.

Get the full scoop here.

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