Jamie Tiller back at NTS

More transmissions from planet Tiller.

Last month Jamie Tiller embarked on a new res­i­den­cy with the Lon­don based radio sta­tion NTS. This month­ly show will find Jamie show­cas­ing the depth of his fas­ci­nat­ing record col­lec­tion while invit­ing a series of guests along the way. Check out the first show here.

After land­ing straight on his feet in the first edi­tion the Music From Mem­o­ry boss­man again takes the reigns of the show on a solo front. This endeav­our is more of a blood boil­er than its pre­de­ces­sor with Jamie get­ting straight into break­ing beats fol­low­ing a short intro­duc­tion. What fol­lows is a play­ful and dance­floor-friend­ly assort­ment of well sought out gems. Expect plen­ty chug­ging bass, cheeky acid lines, tan­ta­liz­ing vocals and seduc­tive grooves all wrapped togeth­er with that killer Tiller touch.

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