Legowelt 3voor12 Interview

A deep and detailed insight into the one and only Legowelt.

Ahead of his appearance at the iconic dutch festival Lowlands, 3voor12 touched base with Legowelt unravelling the artist in great detail. Unfortunately for some, the piece only comes in Dutch but if you are yet to grasp the ability to google translate a web page we’ll give you a brief summary as to what the exchange covers.

Legowelt is er voor de weirdo”s” is the header of the piece and translates into “Legowelt is for the weirdo’s”. In the opening paragraphs, it credits Legowelt as a “Synthetic Wizard, DJ, outsider” and how from his home town of The Hague he has built a worldwide cult status. It then goes onto to discuss his infamous Legowelt website touching on the diverse content that can be found including his digital magazine Shadow Wolf Cyberzines. Furthermore, you can read all about his “computer fetish and electronic obsession”, the dynamic of his home setup, his comical input on Synthforum, his accidental rise to success, his Gladio alias and lastly the training of his creative muscle.

Check it out, here.

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