Legowelt Shadow Wolf Radio Episode 5

An exploration into unworldy sounds with the enigma that is Legowelt.

Legowelt’s Shadow Wolf Radio show sees its fifth edition. The show, as always, broadcasted from The Hague’s hottest radio station Intergalactic FM last Thursday 15th of August. Legowelt introduces the episode by talking about his recent travels to Australia and explains the upcoming hour affair is “Fully packed with cool, obscure music, lots of unreleased stuff, weird stuff but also classic hits. Just music I think is really cool or important, no wishy-washy stuff.”

In this episode Legowelt displays his diverse musical interests. Starting off with his own edit of Dancehall classic Leroy Smart – Let Off Sup’m he moves straight into the cold wavey sounds of Martial Canterel and then into ambient works of his own. The show continues to play out as such, hopping from genre to genre but with a clear correlation in his selections. His narration also aids in seaming the episode together as he shares some wisdom along the way. Tune in below and find the full tracklist here.

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