Max Abysmal Red Light Radio stage Dekmantel 2019

Catch what happaned in the final hour on the Red Light Radio stage at this years Dekmantel festival.

Every year the Red Light Radio stage has grown in strength and stature at the annual Dekmantel festival. And this year was no different in terms of both size and programming. After three solid days that saw a wealth of compelling talent from across the globe, there was only one man to see it out in spectacular fashion, a red light resident and our very own Max Abysmal.

Engulfed in smoke and dimly lit by the erotic red rays inspired by Amsterdam’s Red Light District, Max took to the stage with a heavy sonic arsenal. From the first beat, he lays down voodoo tones as distant chanting meets explosive chugging bass. It doesn’t take long for Max to get wildly rhythmic in his signature style as he seduces the dancefloor with infectious energy. He does a stellar job of piecing together the journey with dramatic highs and introspective lows cunningly capitalising on the vibe of the crowd. Max really went above and beyond all expectations in this one and was certianly the right choice for the honourably task, see why below!

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