Ron Morelli - 'Man Walks The Earth' RA review

Resident Advisor gives a stellar report on Ron Morelli’s latest album.

Last month Ron Morel­li released his fifth stu­dio album Man Walks The Earth. Catch­ing every­body by sur­prise, the full length shied away from Ron’s gnarly indus­tri­al out­ings on Hos­pi­tal Pro­duc­tions and wel­comed new ideas for the New York native in the form of ambi­ent works. Now, sev­er­al weeks on from the release, Res­i­dent Advi­sor have their say on the album in a rather detailed review. 

With­out giv­ing to much away… The open­ing para­graph touch­es on Morelli’s pro­gres­sion in sound and how his releas­es, pri­or to this one, became gnarli­er and less mix­able since the polite­ly weird house jams he pro­duced in the ear­ly 10s”. How­ev­er, not­ed in this release, Ron sig­nals a chang­ing tide. Man Walks The Earth is pret­ti­er and more del­i­cate than Morel­li has been in years, if ever”. It then goes onto to dis­sect the LP track by track high­light­ing how Man Walks The Earth for­goes per­cus­sion and smoothens his jagged edges into glassy waves of res­o­nant ambi­ence or tex­tured sound swells.“

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