Ron Morelli - 'Man Walks The Earth' RA review

Resident Advisor gives a stellar report on Ron Morelli’s latest album.

Last month Ron Morelli released his fifth studio album Man Walks The Earth. Catching everybody by surprise, the full length shied away from Ron’s gnarly industrial outings on Hospital Productions and welcomed new ideas for the New York native in the form of ambient works. Now, several weeks on from the release, Resident Advisor have their say on the album in a rather detailed review. 

Without giving to much away… The opening paragraph touches on Morelli’s progression in sound and how his releases, prior to this one, became “gnarlier and less mixable since the politely weird house jams he produced in the early ’10s”. However, noted in this release, Ron “signals a changing tide. Man Walks The Earth is prettier and more delicate than Morelli has been in years, if ever”. It then goes onto to dissect the LP track by track highlighting how “Man Walks The Earth forgoes percussion and smoothens his jagged edges into glassy waves of resonant ambience or textured sound swells.”

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