Suzanne Kraft & Jordan GCZ on Red Light Radio

Two Octopus family members link up at Amsterdam’s favourite radio station.

Suzanne Kraft was back at Red Light Radio with the tenth edition to his ‘Radi U Kno’ show. As you probably know by now the show often comes with a theme and has previously paid an ode to the likes of Frank Zappa and Kip Hanrahan. However, in this affair, Kraft themes around and invites fellow Amsterdam based artist and Octopus family member, none other than Jordan GCZ of Juju & Jordash.

“Today’s show is all about Jordan. Predominantly releasing music as one half of Juju & Jordash and solo as Jordan GCZ, Jordan frequently collaborates with all sorts of characters across the musical landscape, the results of which may come out on labels like Rush Hour, Berceuse Heroique, Future Times, Workshop or his own Off Minor (to name a few). He’ll join me in the studio today to chat and give us a glimpse into his world.”

The pair dive into to Jordan’s extensive discography looking at his many collaborations, his solo work and of course his outings as one half of Juju & Jordash. They exchange verbals along the way as they give a deeper insight into the records and Jordan himself. Check it out here.

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