Suzanne Kraft & Jordan GCZ on Red Light Radio

Two Octopus family members link up at Amsterdam's favourite radio station.

Suzanne Kraft was back at Red Light Radio with the tenth edi­tion to his Radi U Kno’ show. As you prob­a­bly know by now the show often comes with a theme and has pre­vi­ous­ly paid an ode to the likes of Frank Zap­pa and Kip Han­ra­han. How­ev­er, in this affair, Kraft themes around and invites fel­low Ams­ter­dam based artist and Octo­pus fam­i­ly mem­ber, none oth­er than Jor­dan GCZ of Juju & Jor­dash.

Today’s show is all about Jor­dan. Pre­dom­i­nant­ly releas­ing music as one half of Juju & Jor­dash and solo as Jor­dan GCZ, Jor­dan fre­quent­ly col­lab­o­rates with all sorts of char­ac­ters across the musi­cal land­scape, the results of which may come out on labels like Rush Hour, Berceuse Hero­ique, Future Times, Work­shop or his own Off Minor (to name a few). He’ll join me in the stu­dio today to chat and give us a glimpse into his world.“

The pair dive into to Jor­dan’s exten­sive discog­ra­phy look­ing at his many col­lab­o­ra­tions, his solo work and of course his out­ings as one half of Juju & Jor­dash. They exchange ver­bals along the way as they give a deep­er insight into the records and Jor­dan him­self. Check it out here.

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