The Hacker & Alessandro Adriani Orb Mag Interview 

The mighty duo shares some insight on their most recent project.

The Hacker and Alessandro Adriani, aka Amato & Adriani, are the latest heavyweight tag team in the scene. What all started as a b2b at the Amsterdam based festival Strange Sounds From Beyond sparked an instant connection between the two artists and unravelled into a series of ongoing projects. Since the initial pairing, the duo released their debut EP Présence Du Futur on Mannequin Records, to much acclaim, and announced a series of live shows where they will present their collaboration in its rawest form.

As the excitement grows around this compelling match up, Orb Mag took the time to chat to both legends about the project. Touching on everything from their earliest encounters to production methods and techniques to the ideas behind Présence Du Futur and finally their future plans it certainly gives a deeper insight into Amato & Adriani.

Get the full scoop here.

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