Wata Igarashi remixes for Aurora Halal

The Japenese techno veteran put his remix skills to great use once again.

Wata Igarashi has an almost god-given talent for adding that cutting-edge factor to a release with his uncompromising remixes. The ‘Blatchington Mill Stairway Remix’ certainly comes to mind. Well, once again, he is up to his old tricks this time around for Aurora Hala on her latest outing ‘Liquiddity’. Landing on Hala’s Mutual Dreaming imprint, the label extension of her ten-year strong party series, Wata delivers two alternative versions of the same cut ‘Eternal Blue’.

The title of each remix, ‘Crossing’ and ‘Cruising’,  gives an insight as to what you can expect from both offerings. First up, the ‘Crossing’ remix which deploys spiralling intricate synth lines around a sturdy foundation of arpeggiated bass and four to the floor rhythms. Hold on tight as the intensity to this one gradually builds and builds eventually reaching melting point! Then we have the ‘Cruising’ remix, which only features on the digital release. Here, Wata pieces together cinematic textures with playful bass notes and subtle drum hits. This one feels a lot more like a composition with complex melodies intertwining with pads, stabs and alien motifs. Two remixes, two different identifies, same killer execution! Check them out below.

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