Wata Igarashi remixes for Aurora Halal

The Jape­nese tech­no vet­er­an put his remix skills to great use once again.

Wata Igarashi has an almost god-giv­en tal­ent for adding that cut­ting-edge fac­tor to a release with his uncom­pro­mis­ing remix­es. The Blatch­ing­ton Mill Stair­way Remix’ cer­tain­ly comes to mind. Well, once again, he is up to his old tricks this time around for Auro­ra Hala on her lat­est out­ing Liq­uid­di­ty’. Land­ing on Hala’s Mutu­al Dream­ing imprint, the label exten­sion of her ten-year strong par­ty series, Wata deliv­ers two alter­na­tive ver­sions of the same cut Eter­nal Blue’.

The title of each remix, Cross­ing’ and Cruis­ing’, gives an insight as to what you can expect from both offer­ings. First up, the Cross­ing’ remix which deploys spi­ralling intri­cate synth lines around a stur­dy foun­da­tion of arpeg­giat­ed bass and four to the floor rhythms. Hold on tight as the inten­si­ty to this one grad­u­al­ly builds and builds even­tu­al­ly reach­ing melt­ing point! Then we have the Cruis­ing’ remix, which only fea­tures on the dig­i­tal release. Here, Wata pieces togeth­er cin­e­mat­ic tex­tures with play­ful bass notes and sub­tle drum hits. This one feels a lot more like a com­po­si­tion with com­plex melodies inter­twin­ing with pads, stabs and alien motifs. Two remix­es, two dif­fer­ent iden­ti­fies, same killer exe­cu­tion! Check them out below.

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