Xosar 'Vibration Acceleration' music video

Get an aesthetic feel for ‘Vibration Acceleration’ from Xosar’s latest album.

Earlier this year, Xosar released her fourth album The Possessor Possesses Nothing. The nine-track outing landed on Bedouin Records showcasing her progression in sound merging dark and twisted techno with psychedelic textures. Following a series of glowing praise since its release, Xosar has also followed up with a music video for the album cut ‘Vibration Acceleration’. At first glance, the video comes across very humourous as Xosar depicts a strange character through a series of equally as strange scenarios. However, there’s a lot more to it than first meets the eye. She explains herself below.

“The video plays with societal issues that I see affecting our generation — lack of self awareness, internet addiction, food addiction, hyper-consumerism, dependence on external validation at the cost of one’s intuitive awareness. It also investigates certain metaphysical concepts and secret themes. The idea of a torroidial energy body being the ultimate form of energetic healing. The complete inward/outward cycles that heal people as opposed to black hole/vacuum/mindless consumption energy patterns. The symbol of the torus (aka donut) is initially represented, in its dead physical vacuous state, as a regular donut. This is then transmuted into an oscilloscope-based sonic construction. A representation of balance in the core electromagnetic flow in the heart of the collective unconscious mind-matrix. Our protagonist heals herself from vacuous thinking and aligns with torroidial energy flow awareness.”

Check it out!

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