Amato & Adriani exchange & DJ mix

More news on this heavyweight match up!

The buzz around The Hack­er’s and Alessan­dro Adri­an­i’s lat­est project Ama­to & Adri­ani is for real. Fol­low­ing on from their fea­ture in Orb­Mag comes two more news items hot off the press. First up, The Ran­some Note fea­tured the duo in their Artist to Artist series. Here, they back and forth with one anoth­er as they try to under­stand their rela­tion­ship a lit­tle fur­ther. Adri­ani ques­tions Ama­to on his Ital­ian roots, grow­ing up in Greno­ble, how they first met, some of his musi­cal favourites and some of his dis­likes. Ama­to, on the oth­er hand, ques­tions Adri­ani on his label, cur­rent Ital­ian tech­no scene, favourite stu­dio machines and favourite French new wave/​industrial act. Get the full scoop here

In addi­tion to this, Ama­to & Adri­ani also fea­tured in Self-Titled Mag with an exclu­sive DJ mix. This is what they had to say about the hour long affair. 

We love dusty ana­log machines, pul­sat­ing elec­tron­ic ARP bleeps, FM synth basslines over a SH-101, Kraftwerk clones, Chris­lo Haas’ impos­si­ble-to-copy drum rhythms, and refresh­ing obso­lete tracks, give them new life along­side unre­leased tracks so peo­ple keep ask­ing ID?’ on SoundCloud.”

Tune in below! 

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