Amato & Adriani exchange & DJ mix

More news on this heavyweight match up!

The buzz around The Hacker’s and Alessandro Adriani’s latest project Amato & Adriani is for real. Following on from their feature in OrbMag comes two more news items hot off the press. First up, The Ransome Note featured the duo in their Artist to Artist series. Here, they back and forth with one another as they try to understand their relationship a little further. Adriani questions Amato on his Italian roots, growing up in Grenoble, how they first met, some of his musical favourites and some of his dislikes. Amato, on the other hand, questions Adriani on his label, current Italian techno scene, favourite studio machines and favourite French new wave/industrial act. Get the full scoop here

In addition to this, Amato & Adriani also featured in Self-Titled Mag with an exclusive DJ mix. This is what they had to say about the hour long affair. 

We love dusty analog machines, pulsating electronic ARP bleeps, FM synth basslines over a SH-101, Kraftwerk clones, Chrislo Haas’ impossible-to-copy drum rhythms, and refreshing obsolete tracks, give them new life alongside unreleased tracks so people keep asking ‘ID?’ on SoundCloud.”

Tune in below!

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