Antal & Palms Trax edits

Two heavy Carribean zouk edits from two of your favourite diggers/selectors.

The world works in mysterious ways and that is certainly evident in this story. The outcome of this tale results in two finely crafted edits of Daniel Dimbas but let’s take it back to the beginning.

On the train to a gig in Paris Antal prepared an edit for the evening ahead taken from Dimbas’s 1985 ”La Differencia” album. Despite feeling it was not finished he was overwhelmed by the response it got on the dancefloor and how many people asked him about the track. A year later Antal’s team at Rush Hour were able to license the cut and it was decided they would release the edit. Here’s where the stars aligned. It then later came apparent that Palms Trax had also pieced together a compelling edit from the same release. After once again being able to licence the track it was a match made in heaven. 

So here they are…

Daniel Dimbas & La Diferencia - Carnaval Soca (Antal Edit) 
Daniel Dimbas & La Diferencia - La Musique (Palms Trax Edit)

Two groove packed, heavy Carribean zouk edits revisited and reworked for maximum dancefloor impact. Check out the previews here.

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