Antal & Palms Trax edits

Two heavy Car­ribean zouk edits from two of your favourite diggers/​selectors.

The world works in mys­te­ri­ous ways and that is cer­tain­ly evi­dent in this sto­ry. The out­come of this tale results in two fine­ly craft­ed edits of Daniel Dim­bas but let’s take it back to the begin­ning.

On the train to a gig in Paris Antal pre­pared an edit for the evening ahead tak­en from Dim­bas’s 1985 La Dif­fer­en­cia” album. Despite feel­ing it was not fin­ished he was over­whelmed by the response it got on the dance­floor and how many peo­ple asked him about the track. A year lat­er Antal’s team at Rush Hour were able to license the cut and it was decid­ed they would release the edit. Here’s where the stars aligned. It then lat­er came appar­ent that Palms Trax had also pieced togeth­er a com­pelling edit from the same release. After once again being able to licence the track it was a match made in heaven. 

So here they are…

Daniel Dim­bas & La Difer­en­cia — Car­naval Soca (Antal Edit) 
Daniel Dim­bas & La Difer­en­cia — La Musique (Palms Trax Edit)

Two groove packed, heavy Car­ribean zouk edits revis­it­ed and reworked for max­i­mum dance­floor impact. Check out the pre­views here.

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