Donato Dozzy announces new album '12h'

Dozzy returns with a two-hour long album!

As the word spreads the excitement builds on the news there will be a fresh album from Donato Dozzy landing later this year. Following on from his full length on Tresor in 2018, ‘Filo Loves The Acid’, ‘12h’ sees Donato leave behind his explorations of the dancefloor to entertain deeper concepts in ambient forms. The inspiration for the album comes from the Music Bridge in Rome, which stretches the Tiber River. Originally the project started as a 12-hour soundtrack that would walk with the listener as they crossed the Tiber but it has now been refined and compiled to land through Lorenzo Senni’s Presto!? label. 

Recorded with multiple synthesizers, samples and local field recordings wired through a 24-channel mixer (with some help from fellow Spazio Disponbible co-founder Neel) the album oozes in narrative and self-expression. 


Donato Dozzy12H

01. 12H.1 
02. 12H.2 
03. 12H.3 
04. 12H.4 
05. 12H.5 
06. 12H.6 
07. 12H.7 
08. 12H.8 
09. 12H.9 
10. 12H.10 
11. 12H.11 
12. 12H.12 

At present, you can preview ‘12H.3’ which sets the tone for the duration of the album. Pulsating synthesis walks alongside clattered chimes which are orbited by swirling FX and later met with melodic features. Get a taste for it below.

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