Donato Dozzy announces new album '12h'

Dozzy returns with a two-hour long album!

As the word spreads the excite­ment builds on the news there will be a fresh album from Dona­to Dozzy land­ing lat­er this year. Fol­low­ing on from his full length on Tre­sor in 2018, Filo Loves The Acid’, 12h’ sees Dona­to leave behind his explo­rations of the dance­floor to enter­tain deep­er con­cepts in ambi­ent forms. The inspi­ra­tion for the album comes from the Music Bridge in Rome, which stretch­es the Tiber Riv­er. Orig­i­nal­ly the project start­ed as a 12-hour sound­track that would walk with the lis­ten­er as they crossed the Tiber but it has now been refined and com­piled to land through Loren­zo Sen­ni’s Presto!? label. 

Record­ed with mul­ti­ple syn­the­siz­ers, sam­ples and local field record­ings wired through a 24-chan­nel mix­er (with some help from fel­low Spazio Dispon­bible co-founder Neel) the album oozes in nar­ra­tive and self-expression. 


Dona­to Dozzy — 12H

01. 12H.1 
02. 12H.2 
03. 12H.3 
04. 12H.4 
05. 12H.5 
06. 12H.6 
07. 12H.7 
08. 12H.8 
09. 12H.9 
10. 12H.10 
11. 12H.11 
12. 12H.12 

At present, you can pre­view 12H.3’ which sets the tone for the dura­tion of the album. Pul­sat­ing syn­the­sis walks along­side clat­tered chimes which are orbit­ed by swirling FX and lat­er met with melod­ic fea­tures. Get a taste for it below. 

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