Legowelt's 'The Occult Orientated Crime Album' reissue

Due to pop­u­lar demand, Aus­tralian imprint SOLAN­DER will revist this album for a vinyl release.

Legow­elt is an artist of many alias­es and many iden­ti­ties. He flu­id­ly breezes between them as he sees fits and you’re nev­er quite sure when/​if they will make there way back out of the realms of mys­tery. With that being said, he catch­es every­one by sur­prise as he dips back into his Occult Ori­en­tat­ed Crime alias for a vinyl release of the album he pro­duced under this moniker in 2014. Here’s what he had to say.

In the past 5 Years many of you have inquired, insist­ed, request­ed, prayed, peti­tioned and what­not for a vinyl release of my 2014 THE OCCULT ORI­EN­TAT­ED CRIME album on Nightwind records, orig­i­nal­ly only released dig­i­tal­ly on Legow­elts band­camp — well your dreams have become real­i­ty as the Aus­tralian ambi­ent label SOLAN­DER record­ings is bring­ing you a triple vinyl ver­sion. All tracks are there includ­ing the Nor­we­gian Raven one spread out over one vinyl LP

These were his orig­i­nal words about the release when it land­ed in 2014.

Extreme­ly trip­py PRO ambi­ent not just some jum­bled up ran­dom chili­wave over­com­pressed 80s retro sog­gy bis­cuit jerkoff — this is PRO­FES­SION­AL AMBI­ENT — 100% psy­che­del­ic drug music with per­fect­ly fine­tuned select­ed fre­quen­cies to alter your state of mind and take you to com­plete loss of sub­jec­tive self-iden­ti­ty: the result of years of exper­i­men­ta­tion and research.”

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