Ron Morreli at Katharsis 2019

The L.I.E.S. boss man was unmerciful at this year’s Katharsis.

Ron Morelli has been a staple at many of Reaktor Events parties whether it be their Katharsis, Unpolished or main Reaktor get-togethers. His gnarly punk style seems to sit right at home with the ethos of the events and Ron’s performances there always come in high anticipation…Katharsis 2019 was no different.

Taking to the stage at peak hour Ron had the dancefloor at his mercy. He started off with a noise-filled introduction that slowly ascended into an all-out fury of destructive electronics. Pushing the pace to around 140bpm Ron deploys many tools from his arsenal ranging from high octane techno to rugged industrial to oddball electronics and a plenty offbeat rhythms. This is Ron Morelli in his rawest form, check it out below!

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