Soundtracks – Mixed by SØS Gunver Ryberg

Enter the world of SØS Gunver Ryberg.

With a long his­to­ry in music that stretch­es many dis­ci­plines, one has to think What are this artist’s influ­ences?’. Well try­ing to unrav­el such a ques­tion is Crack Mag with this spe­cial­ist mix’ from SØS Gun­ver Ryberg focussing on soundtracks. 

Made up of tracks set to both real and imag­ined films, this set ebbs, flows and crash­es with evoca­tive power.”


The Knife — Want­i­ng to Kill (Han­nah Med H)
The Radio­phon­ic Work­shop — The Bar­racks (Delia Derbyshire’s Archive)
Mike Pat­ton — No Grave For Mama (1922)
Cabaret Voltaire — Pre­mo­ni­tion (John­ny Yesno)
Bright of the Twin — The Vodoun Accepts (Bright of the Twin)
Mica Levi — Mir­ror to Vor­tex (Under The Skin)
Cris­t­ian Vogel — Can­ción Sin­tec­ta (Enter the Void)
Lau­rie Ander­son — The Bar­do (Heart of a Dog)
Jeff Mills — Par­al­lelism in Fate (AND Then There Was Light) Delia Der­byshire and Elsa Stans­field Cir­cle of light pt. 2 — Cir­cle of Light (Orig­i­nal Elec­tron­ic Sound­track Record­ing)
Geir Jenssen (Bios­phere) — Nokas V (NOKAS)
Vladislav Delay — Via­ton (The Revenant)
Lau­rie Spiegel — Sed­i­ment (The Hunger Games)
Dave Ball & Gen­e­sis P‑Orridge — Main Theme (Show­down) (Decoder)
David Lynch, Alan R. Splet — Side B (Eraser­head)
Lust­mord — Awak­en­ing (First Reformed)
Louis, Bebe Bar­ron — Bat­tle with Invis­i­ble Mon­ster (For­bid­den Plan­et)
SØS Gun­ver Ryberg — The Cut­ter­head (Cut­ter­head)
Hildur Gud­nadót­tir — Cor­ri­dors (Cher­nobyl)
SØS Gun­ver Ryberg — Let Go (Cut­ter­head)
Lau­rie Ander­son — The Bar­do (Heart of a Dog)
Venet­ian Snares — My Half (My Downfall)

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