SYNC. (Peter Van Hoesen & Atom TM) At Technoon, Brussels

Worlds collided as Peter Van Hoesen & Atom TM matched up for a special performing collaboration.

Peter Van Hoesen is an artist who is always looking to refine his craft, broaden his horizons and explore new creative avenues. Aside from launching his new label this year, Center 91 - see here, Peter also formed SYNC. alongside German electronic musician Atom TM. The project focuses on extended hybrid sets where the duo walk the line between Dj’ing and performing live.

SYNC. was presented at some of Europe’s finest clubbing institutes in June of this year. After ticking off The Pickle Factory, Concrete and Berghain the duo had a pinnacle performance left at Technoon in Brussels. Here, they locked horns for a 6-hour marathon set which took many different turns and shifts in energy. While they offered a lot of peak time madness, which Peter Van Hoesen and Atom TM are so well-rehearsed in, the pair still supplied different vibrancies with melodic breaks and cinematic textures. The journey slowly unfolds, commencing with inviting and seductive rhythms that in time intensify into flat out dancefloor mania. Peter had the following words about the performance…

I would like to dedicate this recording to everyone in the Technoon crew, an incredible group of friends with clear dedication and amazing execution towards an idea which turned to be one of the secret jewels in the techno music landscape. With you forever.”

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