Artificial Dance Radio Show w/ Interstellar Funk & Lena Willikens

Inter­stel­lar Funk brought a spe­cial Arti­fi­cial Dance Radio Show to ADE

Inter­stel­lar Funk cel­e­brat­ed ADE this year with a spe­cial Arti­fi­cial Dance Radio Show at Red Light Radio. For the two-hour affair, he invit­ed fel­low Ams­ter­dam based artist Lena Wil­likens who’s off-kil­ter style aligns per­fect­ly with the ethos of his Arti­fi­cial Dance imprint. 

Air­ing on the open­ing day of Ams­ter­dam Dance Event, Wed Oct 16th, as the final show of the evening the pair locked horns for an exten­sive explo­ration into odd­ball elec­tron­ics. Bounc­ing back and forth from each oth­er’s selec­tions they breeze through an array of elec­tron­ic music across the board. Expect har­row­ing ambi­ence, freaky rhythms and a lot of sur­pris­es along the way. Tune in below!

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