Artificial Dance Radio Show w/ Interstellar Funk & Lena Willikens

Interstellar Funk brought a special Artificial Dance Radio Show to ADE

Interstellar Funk celebrated ADE this year with a special Artificial Dance Radio Show at Red Light Radio. For the two-hour affair, he invited fellow Amsterdam based artist Lena Willikens who’s off-kilter style aligns perfectly with the ethos of his Artificial Dance imprint. 

Airing on the opening day of Amsterdam Dance Event, Wed Oct 16th, as the final show of the evening the pair locked horns for an extensive exploration into oddball electronics. Bouncing back and forth from each other’s selections they breeze through an array of electronic music across the board. Expect harrowing ambience, freaky rhythms and a lot of surprises along the way. Tune in below!

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