Cooking With Palms Trax 07

The English selector returns to NTS for a 2-hour extravaganza.

As we’ve stepped out of September and are now firmly into October the summer of 2019 is slowly becoming a distant memory. All is not lost though, after a jam-packed festival season Palms Trax returns to his humble abode at NTS to wash away those summer blues with a fresh instalment of his Cooking With… radio show.

As ever, the two hour affair is the perfect balance of being educational, easy listening and of course irresistibly danceable. Palms Trax looks to the world/reggae sounds of Fabriano Fuzion, Rowen Johnson and the African Jamaicans in the opening sequences kicking things off in the downtempo domain. After settling you into the show, disco killer starts to take over as he begins to raise pulses. From here, its a broad and diverse selection that touches on classics, rarities and those special ones that only Palms Trax unearths. Lock in below.

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