Orpheu The Wizard at Dekmantel Festival 2019

Orpheu The Wizard closed the Selectors Stage at this years Dekmantel Festival in spectacular fashion. 

Orpheu has been a regular at Dekmantel events for some time now. Back in 2016, he made a lasting impression on the Boiler Room stage and ever since his performances have always been highly anticipated. This year was no different as he was handed the honourable task of closing the Selectors Stage with an extended two and a half-hour set…which certainly did not disappoint! 

Tuning in below you will find the Red Light Radio co-founder kick starts his performance with heavily percussive tracks as he sets the tone for what’s in store. It doesn’t take long for him to move onto more dancefloor-friendly rhythms touching on lushes house rarities and classics. Once he has you fully settled and locked into the groove he begins picking up the pace looking too playful acid, oddball electronics and even a spice of Italo disco to see you out to the end. Check it out! 

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