Peter Van Hoesen Announces 52-track Release

Over the next few months, Peter Van Hoesen will reflect on ten years of his label Time To Express.

Time To Express was founded in 2008 by Peter Van Hoesen as an outlet for deep, physical electronic music. In its ten years in operation, the label has seen over 40 releases most of which came from Peter himself with some additions from like-minded artists and friends alike such as Donato Dozzy, Wata Igarashi and Marco Shuttle. In 2018, Peter put the label on pause launching a new imprint, Center 91, which looks back towards his own experiences of the late 90s Belgian underground marking a new turn in his career. However, Peter will now reflect on the first ten years of Time To Express with this three-volume set titled Uncovered 2008-2018.

The compilation is made up of 52 cuts ranging from “unreleased tracks, sketches and material from his live shows.” Split between three releases, each one will have something different on offer. “Part one, out in October, focuses on ambient works; part two, due in November, on slower tempo productions, while part three, out in December, compiles faster techno and breakbeat-focussed tracks.”

At present you can check out the tracklist and previews for Volume 1 below.


Uncovered 2008-2018 Vol 1

01. Chromatic 06 Phase 1
02. Vooropgesteld-04
03. Chromatic 04 False
04. Monopoly Live Take
05. Bchlbng-6
06. Chromatic 02
07. Tmm-01-dub-nr3
08. Ang Session 1014
09. Attribute39
10. Portable Solution
11. Begin Van Iets Paars
12. Weer Een Vals Begin
13. Melbourne
14. Dorvaledit
15. Tmm-01-dub-nr5
16. Arposcar
17. Gaussian Taiko
18. Unlock The Heart Of The Moon
19. Candidate

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