Peter Van Hoesen Announces 52-track Release

Over the next few months, Peter Van Hoe­sen will reflect on ten years of his label Time To Express.

Time To Express was found­ed in 2008 by Peter Van Hoe­sen as an out­let for deep, phys­i­cal elec­tron­ic music. In its ten years in oper­a­tion, the label has seen over 40 releas­es most of which came from Peter him­self with some addi­tions from like-mind­ed artists and friends alike such as Dona­to Dozzy, Wata Igarashi and Mar­co Shut­tle. In 2018, Peter put the label on pause launch­ing a new imprint, Cen­ter 91, which looks back towards his own expe­ri­ences of the late 90s Bel­gian under­ground mark­ing a new turn in his career. How­ev­er, Peter will now reflect on the first ten years of Time To Express with this three-vol­ume set titled Uncov­ered 2008 – 2018.

The com­pi­la­tion is made up of 52 cuts rang­ing from unre­leased tracks, sketch­es and mate­r­i­al from his live shows.” Split between three releas­es, each one will have some­thing dif­fer­ent on offer. Part one, out in Octo­ber, focus­es on ambi­ent works; part two, due in Novem­ber, on slow­er tem­po pro­duc­tions, while part three, out in Decem­ber, com­piles faster tech­no and break­beat-focussed tracks.“

At present you can check out the track­list and pre­views for Vol­ume 1 below. 


Uncov­ered 2008 – 2018 Vol 1

01. Chro­mat­ic 06 Phase 1
02. Vooropgesteld-04
03. Chro­mat­ic 04 False
04. Monop­oly Live Take
05. Bchlbng‑6
06. Chro­mat­ic 02
07. Tmm-01-dub-nr3
08. Ang Ses­sion 1014
09. Attribute39
10. Portable Solu­tion
11. Begin Van Iets Paars
12. Weer Een Vals Begin
13. Mel­bourne
14. Dor­valed­it
15. Tmm-01-dub-nr5
16. Arposcar
17. Gauss­ian Taiko
18. Unlock The Heart Of The Moon
19. Can­di­date

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