Dekmantel Soundsystem at Selectors

It wouldn’t be a Dekmantel event without some action from these two guys.

Dekmantel Selectors is always one of the highlights of the festival season. Housed on the picturesque coastline of Croatia, Tisno to be specific, its a compelling mixture of beautiful scenery and contemporary electronic music. Every year it plays host to a wealth load of talent from around the world and this year was no different. A name all so familiar with the event, for many reasons, is the mighty duo known as Dekmantel Soundsystem.

In just over three hours the pair soundtrack the landscape that surrounds them with exquisite taste. The opening hour finds them setting the tone with downtempo offerings from disco killers to African sounds. By the second hour, they move on to electronic fused rhythms featuring plenty Synth-Pop and Italo goodness. Entering the last hour the duo put their foot on the gas for the final stretch with blood rushing dancefloor fillers. Tune in below!

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