GiGi FM back at NTS...

With the second episode of her residency show Taurus Full Moon Energies!

GiGi FM is a force well and tru­ly to be reck­oned with. Armed with a selec­tion of inter-dimen­sion­al tech­no and rhythm-based tex­tures she has fast made a name for her­self with­in her local scene. Recog­nis­ing this in full is the East-Lon­don based NTS Radio who recent­ly invit­ed the French-Ital­ian artist for a month­ly res­i­den­cy show under the name Tau­rus Full Moon Ener­gies. After set­ting the stan­dard in her debut trans­mis­sion, she was back in the booth for her sec­ond air­ing last week. 

With selec­tions from the likes of Dona­to Dozzy, Ances­tral Voic­es, Can­do, Auro­ra Halal, Ryo­go Yamamori, Mas­sive Attack and more, Gigi offers a cos­mic explo­ration into moody electronics. 

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