Planetary Assault Systems - Plantae

PAS returns to Ostgut Ton...

As Plan­e­tary Assault Sys­tems, Luke Slater is an inno­va­tor of psy­che­del­ic mind­fuck tech­no. Across a lengthy cat­a­logue that stretch­es back into the 90s, the music’s bleepy, polyrhyth­mic loops are as rec­og­niz­able as they are genre-defin­ing. Plan­tae is Slater’s first release as PAS on Ostgut Ton since Arc Angel (2016) and cov­ers the spec­trum of PAS’s dif­fer­ent strains while remain­ing ground­ed in Slater’s uncan­ny funk and knack for devel­op­ing oblique melodies and rhythms over longer stretch­es. Deep­ness and hyp­no­sis come as much through dura­tion as sound design.

For Slater, Plan­tae is made for Berghain, where he is a long-stand­ing res­i­dent. In his own words: I’m sure it’s no sur­prise that when it comes to putting togeth­er a release on Ostgut Ton, PAS takes on its more mind-alter­ing, oth­er­world­ly qual­i­ty by nat­ur­al cause, qui­et­ly reflect­ing the dark sweaty nights and days at the club; at the point, the com­mon neur­al cou­pling, of us all togeth­er. PAS has been part of Berghain and Berghain part of PAS for a long time. All of these tracks need­ed to pass the Berghain test in my sets first stop.”

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