Sebastian Mullaert - Lightship 612 EP

The Swedish purveyor of techno gets melodic on Siamese.

Sebastian Mullaert returns to Siamese, this time around for a full solo outing. The two-track Lightship 612 EP follows on from two hypnotising remixes Sebastian provided the label last summer. In this affair, he takes you on two “forward-thinking, spacy & melodic journeys through sound showcasing Sebastian’s full range of skills”. 


A1. Lightship 612
B1. Is Waves

A-side and title track Lightship 612 is mystic, dark and extremely powerful. “The live aspect of this production is the key to the arrangement of his tracks. It makes them unpredictable and always evolving like the ‘Circle Of Live’ jams Sebastian is known for.” Flipping onto the B-side, ‘Is Waves’ steps into the extraterrestrial domain. The nine-minute long Sci-fi endeavour has a subtler start than the A-side, before it leaves the orbit of earth and to its own sphere as it spirals with alien motifs and unworldly synth lines. Check it out below!

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