Sebastian Mullaert - Lightship 612 EP

The Swedish purveyor of techno gets melodic on Siamese.

Sebas­t­ian Mul­laert returns to Siamese, this time around for a full solo out­ing. The two-track Light­ship 612 EP fol­lows on from two hyp­no­tis­ing remix­es Sebas­t­ian pro­vid­ed the label last sum­mer. In this affair, he takes you on two for­ward-think­ing, spa­cy & melod­ic jour­neys through sound show­cas­ing Sebas­tian’s full range of skills”. 


A1. Light­ship 612
B1. Is Waves

A‑side and title track Light­ship 612 is mys­tic, dark and extreme­ly pow­er­ful. The live aspect of this pro­duc­tion is the key to the arrange­ment of his tracks. It makes them unpre­dictable and always evolv­ing like the Cir­cle Of Live’ jams Sebas­t­ian is known for.” Flip­ping onto the B‑side, Is Waves’ steps into the extrater­res­tri­al domain. The nine-minute long Sci-fi endeav­our has a sub­tler start than the A‑side, before it leaves the orbit of earth and to its own sphere as it spi­rals with alien motifs and unworld­ly synth lines. Check it out below! 

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