Young Marco remixes for Robyn

The Ams­ter­dam based artist strikes again with this remix for Robyn.

Young Mar­co taps into new ter­ri­to­ry with this remix for Swedish singer-song­writer Robyn. Fol­low­ing on from the release of Hon­ey’ in 2018, Robyn has called upon a selec­tion of con­tem­po­rary artists to remix a cut of their choice from the album which includes names like Louie Vega and Soul­wax. For Young Mar­co, he chose the vocal-dri­ven love song Baby For­give Me’ which was met with great praise from Robyn her­self.

Young Mar­co chose Baby For­give Me when I asked him for a remix for this album. So glad he want­ed to bring out some more of the feels of this song in this pret­ty remix! ”

As Robyn stat­ed, Mar­co runs with sim­i­lar ideas as the orig­i­nal hold­ing onto its emo­tion but draw­ing more atten­tion to the instru­men­tal aspect of the track. Sub­tle enve­lope changes slow­ly build in the open­ing min­utes which are then gen­tly met with Robyn’s heav­i­ly reverbed vocals. This one real­ly shows Young Mar­cos ver­sa­til­i­ty as a pro­duc­er, check it out below.

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