Young Marco remixes for Robyn

The Amsterdam based artist strikes again with this remix for Robyn.

Young Marco taps into new territory with this remix for Swedish singer-songwriter Robyn. Following on from the release of ‘Honey’ in 2018, Robyn has called upon a selection of contemporary artists to remix a cut of their choice from the album which includes names like Louie Vega and Soulwax. For Young Marco, he chose the vocal-driven love song ‘Baby Forgive Me’ which was met with great praise from Robyn herself.

Young Marco chose Baby Forgive Me when I asked him for a remix for this album. So glad he wanted to bring out some more of the feels of this song in this pretty remix! ”

As Robyn stated, Marco runs with similar ideas as the original holding onto its emotion but drawing more attention to the instrumental aspect of the track. Subtle envelope changes slowly build in the opening minutes which are then gently met with Robyn’s heavily reverbed vocals. This one really shows Young Marco’s versatility as a producer, check it out below.

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