GiGi FM Red Bull Chart

10 atmospheric tracks to lose yourself to on the dancefloor…

GiGi FM has fast sent shockwaves through the scene with her “affinity for texture, ambiance and big, heavy kicks”. This certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed by many, including Red Bull Music who reached out to GiGi to compile a special chart for them. The theme for the compilation is 10 atmospheric tracks to lose yourself to on the dancefloor…

TV Victor – Zero Gravity
Peter Van Hoesen – Unlock the Heart of the Moon
Lost Souls Of Saturn – Lunarvision
Wata Igarashi – Moonlight
Laux and Olsson – Luna Llena
Lunatik – Laser Solution
SpunOff – Lunar Mission Frequency
Refracted – M8:13mm
Giuseppe Falivene – Lune
Maria Teresa Luciani – Luna Park

GiGi FM is a master of movement. She can shell down a club with skewed, slamming techno and bass that feels like it’s pummelling you from your inside – but her command of space, texture and ambience softens their killer blow. In her sets, she creates colourful, shapeshifting worlds of sound that transport you rather than knock you off your feet. There’s something particularly magnetic about it – hearing her play makes every muscle want to move along too.”

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