GiGi FM Red Bull Chart

10 atmospheric tracks to lose yourself to on the dancefloor...

GiGi FM has fast sent shock­waves through the scene with her affin­i­ty for tex­ture, ambiance and big, heavy kicks”. This cer­tain­ly has­n’t gone unno­ticed by many, includ­ing Red Bull Music who reached out to GiGi to com­pile a spe­cial chart for them. The theme for the com­pi­la­tion is 10 atmos­pher­ic tracks to lose your­self to on the dancefloor… 

TV Vic­tor – Zero Grav­i­ty
Peter Van Hoe­sen – Unlock the Heart of the Moon
Lost Souls Of Sat­urn – Lunarvi­sion
Wata Igarashi – Moon­light
Laux and Ols­son – Luna Llena
Lunatik – Laser Solu­tion
SpunOff – Lunar Mis­sion Fre­quen­cy
Refract­ed – M8:13mm
Giuseppe Falivene – Lune
Maria Tere­sa Luciani – Luna Park

GiGi FM is a mas­ter of move­ment. She can shell down a club with skewed, slam­ming tech­no and bass that feels like it’s pum­melling you from your inside – but her com­mand of space, tex­ture and ambi­ence soft­ens their killer blow. In her sets, she cre­ates colour­ful, shapeshift­ing worlds of sound that trans­port you rather than knock you off your feet. There’s some­thing par­tic­u­lar­ly mag­net­ic about it – hear­ing her play makes every mus­cle want to move along too.”

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