Marco Shuttle returns to Spazio Disponibile

Expressive, hard to define and excellent electronics once again from the Eerie label boss.

Marco Shuttle is no stranger to the Spazio Disponibile imprint. With a number of outings on the label, including his 2017 album Systhema, its safe to say he is very much part of the Spazio family. Returning to Donato Dozzy and Neel’s label Marco presents ‘Ritmo Elegante’ a four-track EP that continues to showcase his immersive techno excellence.

A1. Ritmo Elegante
A2. Arpex
B1. Stairway To The Milky Way
B2. Qatarsi

He starts off in slow motion, with the roomy ambiance and slightly spooky dub of ‘Ritmo Elegante.’ Of course it’s a track carefully filled with little sonic details that make it a very real place to be. ‘Arpex’ then switches things up with a super urgent, super supple acidic techno rhythm thats overlaid with a widescreen arp that sapiens space and time, and ‘Stairway To The Milky Way’ is a half time stepper though some trippy sci-fi jungle before ‘Qatarsi’ rides on a floating groove as sound effects pan all around you and traps you in a state of trance.”

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