Peter Van Hoesen remixes Prequel Tapes

The Belgian tastemaker is back on remix duties.

2019 has seen Peter Van Hoesen steer in new directions. In the early chapter of the year, he launched ‘Center91’ a new label that would focus on his own experiences of the late 90s Belgian underground - the result, relentless techno workouts - the Peter Van Hoesen way. In more recent news, he has reflected on his career leading up to this point with a three-part series Uncovered 2008-2018 focusing on unreleased works from this ten year period. Now, in this affair, he steps back into familiar territory as he serves up a classic Peter Van Hoesen remix. 

Prequel Tapes - PROG 87/11 (Peter Van Hoesen Remix)

Destined for peak hour on the dancefloor, Peter flourishes the stripped back original with alien motifs, sci-fi FX and heavily reverbed hats. He deploys ghostly sound textures and spiralling squelches that orbit a slowly modulating bassline with cunning correlation. Try it out below!

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