Peter Van Hoesen remixes Prequel Tapes

The Belgian tastemaker is back on remix duties.

2019 has seen Peter Van Hoe­sen steer in new direc­tions. In the ear­ly chap­ter of the year, he launched Center91’ a new label that would focus on his own expe­ri­ences of the late 90s Bel­gian under­ground — the result, relent­less tech­no work­outs — the Peter Van Hoe­sen way. In more recent news, he has reflect­ed on his career lead­ing up to this point with a three-part series Uncov­ered 2008 – 2018 focus­ing on unre­leased works from this ten year peri­od. Now, in this affair, he steps back into famil­iar ter­ri­to­ry as he serves up a clas­sic Peter Van Hoe­sen remix. 

Pre­quel Tapes — PROG 8711 (Peter Van Hoe­sen Remix)

Des­tined for peak hour on the dance­floor, Peter flour­ish­es the stripped back orig­i­nal with alien motifs, sci-fi FX and heav­i­ly reverbed hats. He deploys ghost­ly sound tex­tures and spi­ralling squelch­es that orbit a slow­ly mod­u­lat­ing bassline with cun­ning cor­re­la­tion. Try it out below! 

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