RA's best tracks of 2019

Resident Advisor selects their standout works of the year.

As 2019 draws to a close Resident Advisor have selected 55 tracks that they feel best define the year. Broken down into several categories; Warm-up, Music At The Cutting Edge, Garage & 2-Step, The Sounds Of Summer Festivals,  Peak-Time Techno, 4AM Rollers, Beat Science, 150+ BPM, Afterhours, Deep Listening  & Vocal Bangers, the list aims to cover the many facets of electronic music.

Two names that have made it into the meticulously selected line up are Wata Igarashi and Donato Dozzy. First up, Wata landed smoothly in the top spot of the ‘Peak-Time Techno’ category with his ‘Crossing Remix’ for Aurora Halal. Additionally, Donato Dozzy features in the 150+ BPM class with his Drum & Bass remix for Homemade Weapons. Check out what they had to say about the two cuts, here.

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