Donato Dozzy collaborates with on a full LP

The new project is called Men With Secrets…

After Dozzy’s first project with Reti​na​.it (aka Lino Mona­co and Nico­la Buono), under the moniker Le Officine Di Efesto on Spazio Disponi­bile, fresh ideas would fast unfold. They quick­ly dis­cov­ered a shared love of clas­sic post-punk, wave, and syn­th­pop, and not long after, Men With Secrets was born.” 

Draw­ing influ­ence from the likes of Richard Bone, Cabaret Voltaire, The Human League, New Order, and even Doppleref­fekt, the trio stamp out their own sound with nei­ther imi­ta­tion nor rehash.’ Their debut thir­teen track album, titled Psy­cho Romance and Oth­er Spooky Bal­lads, will land on none oth­er than The Bunker NY

01. 4th Dimen­sion Sig­nal N°1
02. The Mis­for­tunes Of Virtues
03. Cabaret (Démodé)
04. 4th Dimen­sion Sig­nal N°2
05. Dra­mat­ic
06. Elle Est Nihiliste
07. 4th Dimen­sion Sig­nal N°3
08. Angelus Novus
09. Secrets Of The Crowd
10. 4th Dimen­sion Sig­nal N°4
11. Aletheia
12. Ruins On Ruins
13. 4th Dimen­sion Sig­nal N°5

Tune into the only pre­view of the LP so far below, Cabaret (Démodé), where you will find drums hit hard, synths soar to emo­tion­al heights, and the vocals intone rhyth­mi­cal­ly. All of which is coat­ed in the warm fuzz of ana­logue tape… a per­fect exam­ple of whats to unrav­el across the whole full length. 

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