Donato Dozzy collaborates with on a full LP

The new project is called Men With Secrets…

After Dozzy’s first project with (aka Lino Monaco and Nicola Buono), under the moniker Le Officine Di Efesto on Spazio Disponibile, fresh ideas would fast unfold. “They quickly discovered a shared love of classic post-punk, wave, and synthpop, and not long after, Men With Secrets was born.” 

Drawing influence from the likes of Richard Bone, Cabaret Voltaire, The Human League, New Order, and even Dopplereffekt, the trio stamp out their own sound with ‘neither imitation nor rehash.’ Their debut thirteen track album, titled Psycho Romance and Other Spooky Ballads, will land on none other than The Bunker NY

01. 4th Dimension Signal N°1
02. The Misfortunes Of Virtues
03. Cabaret (Démodé)
04. 4th Dimension Signal N°2
05. Dramatic
06. Elle Est Nihiliste
07. 4th Dimension Signal N°3
08. Angelus Novus
09. Secrets Of The Crowd
10. 4th Dimension Signal N°4
11. Aletheia
12. Ruins On Ruins
13. 4th Dimension Signal N°5

Tune into the only preview of the LP so far below, Cabaret (Démodé), where you will find drums hit hard, synths soar to emotional heights, and the vocals intone rhythmically. All of which is coated in the warm fuzz of analogue tape… a perfect example of whats to unravel across the whole full length. 

releases January 31, 2020

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