Donato Dozzy remix for Homemade Weapons

Dozzy gets the chance to tap into a different sound in this remix for Homemade Weapons. 

Donato Dozzy is somewhat of an enigma. A veteran of the scene who is known for his quality over quantity output. Over the years we have seen different sides to his arsenal as he has experimented with projects beyond his signature style - his ‘Afterhouse’ adventure first springs to mind. Well, one again, Dozzy pushed the boundaries when he was called upon by the American based artist Homemade Weapons for a momentous remix. 

Released on a remix EP of his latest album, Gravity, Dozzy takes the Drum and Bass nature of Homemade Weapons in his stride but does so on his own terms. He strips the track Svalsat to its ‘shuddering’ core and peppers it with heavily delayed percussion in a constant build. He washes the sonic field with his rich and harrowing soundscapes while deploying other synthesized miscellaneous for hypnotic effect. Try this one out below! 

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