RA Review: Peter Van Hoesen Uncovered 2008-2018

Resident Advisor has their say on all three volumes of this extensive release. 

Last Autumn Peter Van Hoesen announced he would release Uncovered 2008-2018, a 52 track, three-volume set of unreleased material. The first edition focused on ambient works, the second on slower productions and the final one was compiled of faster techno and breakbeat-focussed tracks.

Following the release of the final volume, Resident Advisor took to their platform to have their say on the release as a whole. Firstly, they credit Peter as ‘one of techno’s most reliable artists, with a distinctive style that has endured even as trends and tastes pass him by’ setting the tone for the remainder of the review. 

Touching on Vol. 1, they conclude ‘For Hoesen heads, the compilation’s ambient section will be the most intriguing’. Breaking down Vol. 2, ‘Van Hoesen trudges into the slower, heavier techno he first explored on 2010’s still-astounding first album, Entropic City. With so much space amid the beats, his sounds come alive.’ And when speaking on Vol. 3 they don’t hold back with comments like ‘There are also odd diversions like “Oscar Trance Box,” whose throttling bassline could make most DJs who claim to play trance in 2019 blush.’

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