Sassy J in 3 records

Benji B invited the Bern selector onto his Radio 1 show to best describe herself in 3 records. 

As an artist, Sassy J has many expressions. In these circles, we know her as the colourful and enigmatic DJ, selector and producer. However, in her own right, she is a very talented designer, seamstress, promoter and more. In her early days as an artist, she tied together all her creative endeavours into her now long-standing party Patchwork - the name also given to her recent compilation on Rush Hour. Founded in her home city of Bern, Sassy J welcomed some of her musical heroes, influences and artists of high admiration. This included one of the UK’s most knowledgable DJ’s and radio hosts Benji B over some ten years ago. 

Fast forward to the present, Benji B considers, as mentioned in this show, Sassy J as ‘not just one of my favourite DJ’s from Switzerland but from Europe and the world’. For this reason, he invited his longtime friend onto his beloved radio show to try best describe herself in 3 records. The selections can be seen here in the artwork, but be sure to check out the show, here, to really get the context of her choices. The conversation starts an hour in! 

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