Sassy J in 3 records

Benji B invited the Bern selector onto his Radio 1 show to best describe herself in 3 records.

As an artist, Sassy J has many expres­sions. In these cir­cles, we know her as the colour­ful and enig­mat­ic DJ, selec­tor and pro­duc­er. How­ev­er, in her own right, she is a very tal­ent­ed design­er, seam­stress, pro­mot­er and more. In her ear­ly days as an artist, she tied togeth­er all her cre­ative endeav­ours into her now long-stand­ing par­ty Patch­work — the name also giv­en to her recent com­pi­la­tion on Rush Hour. Found­ed in her home city of Bern, Sassy J wel­comed some of her musi­cal heroes, influ­ences and artists of high admi­ra­tion. This includ­ed one of the UK’s most knowl­edgable DJ’s and radio hosts Ben­ji B over some ten years ago. 

Fast for­ward to the present, Ben­ji B con­sid­ers, as men­tioned in this show, Sassy J as not just one of my favourite DJ’s from Switzer­land but from Europe and the world’. For this rea­son, he invit­ed his long­time friend onto his beloved radio show to try best describe her­self in 3 records. The selec­tions can be seen here in the art­work, but be sure to check out the show, here, to real­ly get the con­text of her choic­es. The con­ver­sa­tion starts an hour in! 

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