Function & Ron Morelli on Air Texture compilation

The Air Texture compilation series sees its seventh edition welcoming Rrose and Silent Servant as the compilations curators. 

The Air Texture compilation series, the core project of our label, asks two producers to collaborate on a combined release. Typically the two are connected in some way through past projects. The only rules are no rules - focus on finding music that isn’t just straight-ahead club music. Within this approach, the series has presented a diverse array of music on the edges of experimental and dance - and always unreleased new music.”

Air Texture VII comes in two formats. There is the digital release which houses 26 tracks from a vast array of contemporary electronic artists. Additionally, there is a 2xLP release which is a diluted version of the digital but still includes the entries from both Function and Ron Morelli. Both versions end with Function’s emotive cut ‘Zahlensender (ssb)’ which is an alternative version of a track from his latest album Existenz. It continues the themes of religion, sexuality, trauma and healing executed by the use of heavily entwined synth lines and the haunting echo of a female voice. Simple yet magical. Morelli channels glass edged ambience in his addition ‘Psychic Harms of Economic Deprivation’. Judging by the track title, it’s rawly processed field recordings and synthesis are to reflect the effects of the worlds current economic climate. Their sludgy, harrowing and by no means principled. Check both cuts out below! 

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