Function & Ron Morelli on Air Texture compilation

The Air Tex­ture com­pi­la­tion series sees its sev­enth edi­tion wel­com­ing Rrose and Silent Ser­vant as the com­pi­la­tions curators. 

The Air Tex­ture com­pi­la­tion series, the core project of our label, asks two pro­duc­ers to col­lab­o­rate on a com­bined release. Typ­i­cal­ly the two are con­nect­ed in some way through past projects. The only rules are no rules — focus on find­ing music that isn’t just straight-ahead club music. With­in this approach, the series has pre­sent­ed a diverse array of music on the edges of exper­i­men­tal and dance — and always unre­leased new music.”

Air Tex­ture VII comes in two for­mats. There is the dig­i­tal release which hous­es 26 tracks from a vast array of con­tem­po­rary elec­tron­ic artists. Addi­tion­al­ly, there is a 2xLP release which is a dilut­ed ver­sion of the dig­i­tal but still includes the entries from both Func­tion and Ron Morel­li. Both ver­sions end with Func­tions emo­tive cut Zahlensender (ssb)’ which is an alter­na­tive ver­sion of a track from his lat­est album Exis­tenz. It con­tin­ues the themes of reli­gion, sex­u­al­i­ty, trau­ma and heal­ing exe­cut­ed by the use of heav­i­ly entwined synth lines and the haunt­ing echo of a female voice. Sim­ple yet mag­i­cal. Morel­li chan­nels glass edged ambi­ence in his addi­tion Psy­chic Harms of Eco­nom­ic Depri­va­tion’. Judg­ing by the track title, it’s rawly processed field record­ings and syn­the­sis are to reflect the effects of the worlds cur­rent eco­nom­ic cli­mate. Their sludgy, har­row­ing and by no means prin­ci­pled. Check both cuts out below! 

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