Insomnia music with DJ Nobu

The techno legend speaks with Ransome note on his choiuce of music for sleepless nights. 

As stated in this feature, DJ Nobu needs little introduction. He is something of a cult figure with decades of experience, all of which are distilled at his acclaimed party ‘Future Terror’, his label ‘Bitta’ and his few choice production outings. Off the back of his special double compilation on Rainbow Disco Club’s latest label extension Beyond Time and Space, see here, Ransome Note spoke to Nobu about his choice in music for sleepless nights. 

Sarah Davachi- Let Night Come On Bells End The Day
Glenn Gould - Brahms 10 intermezzi for piano
James Rhodes-Inside Tracks: The Mix Tape
Umeko Ando - Ihunke
Karl Richter / Münchener Bach-Orchester June - Aug.1958 Bach : Matthäus-Passion, BWV244

Across the five tracks, Nobu showcases his interest in minimal, classical, romantic, meditative and psychedelic music providing reasoning for each selection. Find his words here

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