Legowelt L.I.E.S. Podcast

We are pleased to get an hour and a half mix from one of the modern masters of contemporary electronic music”

Legowelt has been synonymous with L.I.E.S. since its infancy. The Dutchman’s analogue freakiness fits hand in glove with the label and was best exemplified in its fifth release the ‘Sark Island Acid’ EP. Then followed ‘Teen Romance’ and in more recent times the return of Gladio (Slave of Rome) with the full length ‘Means To Freedom’. With all that said, it comes as no surprise to find Legowelt handling the latest L.I.E.S. Podcast. 

Legowelt needs no introduction, a voracious music fiend that knows know boundaries, a man of many names and many styles” 

Across the 90 minutes, Legowelt paces through Memphis Rap, NY boogie, Hague ‘scum electronics’, unreleased gems and chi-town beat tracks. It’s one hell of a trip, buckle up and dive in! 

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