Ron Morelli - Exhibition of Counterfeits, Vol. 1

The L.I.E.S bossman serves up a killer four-track EP.

Ron Morel­li has kicked off 2020 with all cylin­ders fir­ing. Fol­low­ing the announce­ment of his 10-year anniver­sary tour with his own imprint, see here, Morel­li presents his first release of the year. This four-track EP titled Exhi­bi­tion of Coun­ter­feits, Vol. 1 lands on Phase Fatale’s BITE Records lat­er this month. 


A1. Put Your Head On The Floor and Have Some­body Step On It
A2. Exhi­bi­tion of Coun­ter­feits
B1. Two Fin­gers Up 
B2. Exhi­bi­tion of Coun­ter­feits, Part 2

Across the four tracks, we see a more acces­si­ble side of Ron Morel­li’s pro­duc­tions as he presents works des­tined for the club envi­ron­ment. They equal­ly explore ana­logue syn­the­sis in its rawest form with heav­i­ly pro­grammed sequences and uncom­pro­mis­ing drum work. Through­out the EP there is an overid­ing and notable influ­ence from the Birm­ing­ham tech­no sound of the ear­ly 90s. With that being said, Morel­li pulls it off on his own terms, as he always does. Check it out below. 

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