Sebastian Mullaert Groove Podcast

A podcast and interview with Sweden’s finest purveyor of electronic music. 

In the 243rd edition of Groove’s podcast series Mullaert casts us back to his performance at the Polish festival Garbicz last summer. This is one and a half hours of Sebastian Mullaert in his element, improvising freely guided by his intuitive connection with his audience.

In the opening sequences, Mullaert eases you in with peppered kicks, ritualistic pads and chiming melodies setting a welcoming platform to build upon. What transpires from here is improvisation in its purest form, percussion ebbs and flows, tones and textures give off different emotive responses, tensions rise but are also harnessed in equal measure. Mullaert takes you to great intensities but also gracefully puts you at ease with blissful segments. A master at work, tune in below! Additionally, Groove spoke with Mullaert about his current projects and more, see here

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