Sebastian Mullaert Groove Podcast

A podcast and interview with Sweden's finest purveyor of electronic music.

In the 243rd edi­tion of Groove’s pod­cast series Mul­laert casts us back to his per­for­mance at the Pol­ish fes­ti­val Gar­bicz last sum­mer. This is one and a half hours of Sebas­t­ian Mul­laert in his ele­ment, impro­vis­ing freely guid­ed by his intu­itive con­nec­tion with his audience.

In the open­ing sequences, Mul­laert eas­es you in with pep­pered kicks, rit­u­al­is­tic pads and chim­ing melodies set­ting a wel­com­ing plat­form to build upon. What tran­spires from here is impro­vi­sa­tion in its purest form, per­cus­sion ebbs and flows, tones and tex­tures give off dif­fer­ent emo­tive respons­es, ten­sions rise but are also har­nessed in equal mea­sure. Mul­laert takes you to great inten­si­ties but also grace­ful­ly puts you at ease with bliss­ful seg­ments. A mas­ter at work, tune in below! Addi­tion­al­ly, Groove spoke with Mul­laert about his cur­rent projects and more, see here

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