Sebastian Mullaert & Mathew Jonson Live at Concrete

The two heavyweights locked horns at the now-defunct Concrete. 

Circle Of Live has fast sent shockwaves through the scene with their uncompromising boundaryless improvised live performances. Headed by Sebastian Mullaert with a vast selection of contemporary artists, including original member Mathew Jonson, the Circle have showcased their concept at some of the globes finest institutes. In their 2018 outings, this also included an explosive night at the now-defunct Parisian club Concrete with a line-up that included Mullaert, Jonson, Aurora Halal and Johanna Knutsson. 

For a healthy hour and a half of the performance, Sebastian Mullaert and Matthew Jonson locked horns in an intense dual of sonic exploration. This found the pair offering many different looks, from wild melodic voyages to heavy rhythm workouts and moments of pure intensity with equal passages of blissful ambience. Check them out in full flow below. 

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