Welcome SØS Gunver Ryberg

SØS Gunver Ryberg joins the Octopus family.

Ryberg is an artist with many com­pelling strings to her bow. To try and cat­e­gorise her into one sin­gle dis­ci­pline is sim­ply not pos­si­ble. Her vast body of work extends through many forms but, most impor­tant­ly, is always found­ed upon her phi­los­o­phy — to explore the essence of exis­tence while being a voice in a com­mu­ni­ty that chal­lenges con­for­mi­ty and commercialism. 

With BAF­TA-nom­i­nat­ed works already under her belt and appear­ances at Aphex Twin curates, Berghain, Tre­sor, Nuit Sonores, Roskilde Fes­ti­val, Aton­al, Boil­er Room, CTM Fes­ti­val, DR Con­cert hall, ADE, Cor­si­ca Stu­dios, Flow Fes­ti­val, EKKO, Rewire and Today’s art SØS Gun­ver Ryberg is steadi­ly mak­ing her mark on elec­tron­ic music.

For all requests, please con­tact Dion, here.

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