Bambounou b2b Lutto Lento Unsound Podcast

Things got wild in this intrigu­ing b2b match up. 

Bam­bounou is one of the stal­warts of the French scene, but not every­one knows that the Paris-based DJ and pro­duc­er actu­al­ly has Pol­ish roots and is a res­i­dent of Tama club in Poz­nań. Fol­low­ing his great drum exper­i­ments on DISK and Whities, he came to Kraków for his first ever b2b with Lut­to Lento. The bold Pol­ish pro­duc­er and DJ plays tru­ly eclec­tic sets and is known for his idio­syn­crat­ic pro­duc­tions, break­ing the bar­ri­ers between dis­parate gen­res. This mix — record­ed at the Unsound 2019 open­ing par­ty — is almost 200 min­utes long, giv­ing both artists enough time to explore all the sounds they’re pas­sion­ate about, from dif­fer­ent types of club music to French and Pol­ish rap.” 

Cast your­self back to the 2019 Unsound open­ing par­ty with this out­landish b2b between Bam­bounou and Lut­to Lento. Over the course of the set, the pair twist and turn in many direc­tions through sev­er­al shades of elec­tron­ic music and even rap from both artists respec­tive coun­tries. It’s a whirl­wind of sounds, lock in below. 

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