Dekmantel Scores II: Identified Patient & Max Abysmal

Each artist provided a score for a Dutch archival film. 

Every year the Dekmantel concept seems to progress and evolve. In conjunction with their 2018 Amsterdam edition, they launched a new series along with The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision’s RE:VIVE initiative they called Dekmantel Scores. The project invites four artists who are each assigned a short film they must score and present on the opening day of the festival. For their second year, they invited Octopus family members Identified Patient and Max Abysmal alongside Lamellen and Laura Agnusdei. 

A1. Identified Patient - Comeback
A2. Max Abysmal - Quod Libet
B1. Lamellen - De Stuiter
B2. Laura Agnusdei - Fuga

Identified Patient handles A1 with diligent care. He paints the sonic landscape with floating melodies and serene soundscapes peppering them with subtle off rhythm hits and spiralling synthesis. This transitions fluidity into A2 where Max Abysmal executes a more unconventional composition. He fuses heavily processed mumbling vocals with scattered percussion and eerie synth lines. ‘De Stuiter’ evokes several emotions along the way leaving you feeling tense and in suspense at times but at others in very safe hands – it’s unpredictable at every movement. Hear them out below. 

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