In conversation with GiGi FM

"The eccentric star talks rave parents, dance and synaesthesia…"

The UK-based online pub­li­ca­tion Hyponik spoke with GiGi FM about a wide range of top­ics in this lengthy inter­view fea­ture. In their intro­duc­tion of GiGi as an artist, they high­light her unpar­al­leled con­nec­tion between body, mind and music with her per­for­mances. See­ing sounds as colours, cat­e­gorised by mood and tem­pera­ment, GiGi links the two togeth­er, allow­ing atmos­pheres to bub­ble and devel­op by incit­ing excitement.’ 

As they touch base on the inter­view they start to dis­cuss top­ics such as the rela­tion­ship she sees between sound, move­ment and colour, her read­ing of a club’s atmos­phere, her time spent in Berlin and Milan, the influ­ence her par­ents had on her and more. Check the full fea­ture, here.

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