Interstellar Funk B2B Elena Colombi Boiler Room TEN Brussels x Listen!

The likely duo matches up once again, this time for Boiler Room. 

In recent years Interstellar Funk and Elena Colombi have become closely affiliated for their shared interests and ethos on music. This has best been exemplified through radio shows on NTS and numerous b2b outings from Europe’s’ Drugstore in Belgrade all the way to South America’s edition of Dekmantel Festival in São Paulo. The matchup seems to be becoming increasingly intriguing to those in the electronic scene resulting in this high in demand performance at Boiler Room TEN x Listen Festival Brussels. 

From the first beat, the duo lay down an array of well informed electronic oddities touching on electro, wave and acid-infused cuts. Wild synth lines fall out of uncompromising rhythms with intensity and overwhelming energy. They voyage through hard-hitting club system bangers while equally taking things into uncharted territory with moody and atmospheric spacey selections. It’s a trip of many highs and lows, try it out below. 

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